Why the Clean Girl Aesthetic Will Never Fade Away

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The clean girl aesthetic is one of the most popular beauty trends on TikTok, with over 750 million views on the hashtag #cleangirlaesthetic. But what is the clean girl aesthetic and why is it so appealing?

The clean girl aesthetic is all about looking fresh, dewy-skinned, well-rested and glowing. The goal is to look naturally pretty, as though you’ve not laboured over your makeup. The clean girl aesthetic suits literally everyone, whatever your skin tone, hair colour and eye shape or age. It’s also very easy to achieve, with just a few essential products and a minimalistic approach.

The clean girl aesthetic is not a new trend, though. It has its roots in the '90s grunge culture, which was all about rejecting the mainstream and embracing the imperfect. The clean girl aesthetic is a modern twist on the grunge look, with less smudginess and more glowiness. It’s a way of expressing your individuality and confidence, without trying too hard.

The clean girl aesthetic is also very versatile, as you can adapt it to any occasion and mood. You can go for a subtle, everyday look, or amp it up with some colour and sparkle for a night out. You can also mix and match it with other trends, such as the new grunge/bed makeup that is catching on.

The new grunge/bed makeup is inspired by the early 2000s, when celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears rocked the smudgy dark eyeliner and glossy skin. It’s a look that makes you seem like you’ve been partying all night, or just rolled out of bed. It’s edgy, sexy and rebellious.

But unlike the clean girl aesthetic, the new grunge/bed makeup is not for everyone. It can be tricky to pull off, as it can easily look messy and unflattering. It can also be damaging to your skin, as sleeping in your makeup can cause breakouts and irritation.

That’s why the clean girl aesthetic will never fade away. It’s a timeless, universal and flattering look that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel good. It’s also gentle on your skin, as it requires less products and less rubbing.

How to Get the Clean Girl Look with Flori Roberts Products:

If you want to get the clean girl look, you need to start with a good skincare routine. Flori Roberts has a range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and treatments that are specially formulated for women of colour. They help to hydrate, brighten, smooth and protect your skin, giving you a healthy and radiant base.

For the makeup, you only need a few products from Flori Roberts. Here is an example of a clean girl look that you can try:

Apply the Ultimate-C Cleanser to your face and neck, and rinse with warm water. This cleanser gently removes dirt, oil and makeup, while infusing your skin with vitamin C and antioxidants.
Apply the Ultimate-C Toner to a cotton pad and swipe over your face and neck. This toner balances your skin’s pH, refines your pores and prepares your skin for the next steps.
Apply the My Everything Cream to your face and neck, and massage gently. This moisturizer hydrates, nourishes and protects your skin, while boosting its natural glow.
Apply the Perfect Tone Cleansing Foam to your face and neck, and blend with your fingers or a sponge. This cleansing foam is a 3-in-1 product that acts as a foundation, concealer and powder. It evens out your skin tone, covers any imperfections and mattifies your skin, giving you a flawless and natural finish.

Apply the luscious lip lacquer sparkling rose to your lips, and press them together. This lip gloss adds a touch of colour and shine to your lips, while moisturizing and giving a plumping appearance.

Lightly Apply the Crown Jewels Liquid Eye Shadow in Fire opal to your eyelids, and blend with your fingers or a brush. This eye shadow is a shimmery nude shade that enhances your eyes and makes them pop.
Apply Mascara in Black to your upper and lower lashes, and wiggle the wand from the roots to the tips. Mascara will add length, volume and definition to your lashes.

Apply the color pro powder blush in cinnamon brandy to the apples of your cheeks, and blend with your fingers or a brush. This blush adds a hint of warmth and glow to your cheeks, making you look fresh and healthy.
And that’s it! You have achieved the clean girl look with Flori Roberts products. You can see how simple and easy it is, and how beautiful and radiant you look. You can also play around with different shades and products from Flori Roberts, depending on your skin tone and preference.

The clean girl aesthetic is a trend that will never go out of style, because it celebrates your natural beauty and makes you feel good. Flori Roberts is a brand that understands and caters to your needs, offering you high-quality products that are made for women of colour. Whether you want to rock the clean girl look, or experiment with other trends, Flori Roberts has you covered.

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