Build A Great Foundation

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Build A Great Foundation.

Start with your regular skin care regime. Don't skimp on great skincare even when wearing a mask, especially when wearing a mask. Keeping your skin in top condition insures that you won't be plagued with typical skin challenges in a mask or out of it. 

Mask wearers can experience dry or chafed spots and extra oiliness. So prevention is half the cure. Oil-Free Hydrating Gel With Hyaluronic Acid is the perfect choice, paired with an excellent foundation primer. We love Shine Away Oil Blotting Primer for this step. Even if you plan to skip foundation, don't skip your primer.

Once you are moisturized and primed. You have a choice to make. Full face of foundation, or a simple powder application. Cream to Powder Foundation is an excellent choice. But be sure to set with *this is important* with Luxury Oil Blotting Powder in your matching shade. This insures that the "mask on, mask off" doesn't take your foundation off. Blush as needed.


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